“Ignition Spark” is not an easy album. It is an ambitious piece of work with long-term work on compositions. The trio has succeeded in their mission, as the end result will work as their first album. It has straightforward and easy-to-learn aspects, but also challenging parts that need to be digested. A few of the more modest pieces will crack the whole thing, which will slightly vaccinate the grade. The average lengths of the pieces, in turn, run in about five minutes, which sometimes causes slight numbness. Regardless of these drops of bitterness, the end result is a matter of fact, mainly entertaining and gripping. It's worth taking dark side of me's creation to the test, something that you won't get every day." 7½ out of 10 - Miika Manninen - Metalliluola - www.metalliluola.fi (translated from Finnish)


"I stumbled across your page and took a listen.  Very cool jams!  “When Dreams and Days Collide” up on that ‘mx3’ page is really a cool song.  Huge, no-excuses, larger-than-life epic rock 'n roll.  Massive guitars with a big (huuuuge) voice out front; I'm really digging the original heavy sound you carving out for yourselves!  So damn big!"  - Jeffro - www.jeffromixesyou.com